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Are you considering buying a property in Townsville?  May be your principal place of residence or maybe an investment property?    A Townsville conveyancing solicitor or Townsville conveyancing lawyer can assist you with the key aspects of conveyancing, including reviewing the key contractual terms, ensuring that all contract conditions are complied with, that you pay the appropriate amount of Queensland stamp duty on the contract and that settlement occurs simply and easily without undue (and potentially costly delay).

Prior to signing the contract for the purchase of property in Townsville, it is important to consider the key terms of the contract. For example, will the contract be subject to you obtaining finance to effect purchase of the property, obtaining a building and pest inspection (strongly recommended) or even the sale of an existing property.? Using the standard REIQ Contract for House and Land (or Units if you are buying in a Body Corporate) the Townsville real estate agent can insert relevant information to ensure the contract is subject to these conditions.  If you are not sure, it may be advisable to seek advice from a Townsville conveyancing lawyer or Townsville conveyancer before signing the Contract.  You may also wish to consider an appropriate settlement date – whilst 30 days is standard, sometimes you may need a longer settlement period particularly if you need to sell a property to complete your Townsville property purchase.

Another important part of the Townsville conveyancing  process is to ensure that all of the necessary property searches are undertaken to ensure the Townsville property you are purchasing is legally sound.  In addition to searches at the Titles Office, Main Roads Department, Land Tax, your Townsville conveyancer will also conduct a search at the Townsville city council to determine whether there are any oustanding rates or water dues owing on the property.  This is important part of conveyancing, as an adjustment will be undertaken at settlement to make sure that you and the Seller each pay your fair share of the current period Townsville property rates and water.

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Conveyancing Solicitors Townsville

When selling a Townsville property the buyer and seller enter into an agreement for sale which is the contract. The Queensland Law Society and the Real Estate Institute of Queensland have traditionally published and approved a contract which both parties regard as fair to both seller and buyer in a normal Townsville house transaction.

The approved contract has been prepared so that in a freehold domestic house transaction, the contract is a fair balance betwen the seller’s and the buyer’s interests.  However, it does not protect all the purchaser’s interests or all the vendor’s interests and you should check that it suits your needs, with a Townsville conveyancing firm before you sign.

When a written, signed offer to purchase a property has been made and the seller has counter-signed, both parties have legally entered into a binding agreement or contract. If the contract has not been prepared by or reviewed by a licensed Townsville conveyancing solicitor, the best interest of both parties involved could be jeopardized. Most vendors and purchasers do not fully grasp the meaning and effect of the conditions within the contract of sale of real estate. For this reason, it is imperative that buyers and sellers speak with a Townsville Solicitor prior to signing any contracts or documentation.